Dundee Hills Walking Wine Tour

Driving from place to place provides a snapshot of a region. I would like to offer something a little different. Come with me for a walk through the hills and vineyards of Dundee. It is my pleasure to share the joy and struggle of growing and vinting the frustrating yet superlative Pinot Noir grape. As we hike the hills, we will talk about the soil, weather and varietals that struggle in one of the worlds great wine growing regions. I will answer questions and describe the process of making the region’s wine from the planting of a vineyards to the harvest and finally, the wine making process itself. As we walk the backroads through the vineyards, we will stop at some excellent Dundee Hills wineries for tasting, where you can enjoy the efforts of small producers who are passionate about the hills, vines and wines.

Inquiry email: markdartist@gmail.com

P.O. Box 34 Dundee, OR 97115


(503) 789-7629