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DUX Vineyard was established in 2011 by proprietors Mark and Lorie Stevens on a beautiful knoll at the end of Herring Lane in Newberg. DUX, so named for its definition, “Highest in Class” is also a nod to Lorie’s nearly 30 years as an educator of English literature and drama, not to mention parenthetically that the proprietors are both U of O Alumni.
The site is classic Dundee Hills AVA terroir- its elevation (approximately 450 feet above sea level), soils (Jory) and gentle south facing-grades are ideal for growing Highest in Class winegrapes. Collaborating with viticulturalist Andy Humphrey, Mark and Lorie planted 2 acres of Pommard clone pinot noir on 101-14 root stock, 2.5 acres of Wadenswil clone pinot noir on 3309 rootstock and 1 acre of Draper Heritage Selection chardonnay on 101-14 rootstock, all in a north-south orientation.
Andy continues his meticulous, sustainable, cosmic stewardship of the vineyard.
First commercial harvest took place in 2014 with half of the fruit purchased Jim Arterberry Maresh and the other half acquired by Rob Stuart, who will bottle a DUX Vineyard-designated pinot noir for the inaugural vintage. The Draper Vineyard Selection chardonnay will have its first crop in 2015.


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