4 Reasons the Dundee Hills is the Perfect Destination for Outdoor Lovers

Summer is for the outdoor enthusiasts! Like you, we pride ourselves on taking good care of the dirt, plants and animals that call the Dundee Hills home. And we’re equally committed to enjoying every moment we can outside! Whether you join us for an outdoor tasting, want to venture out for a hike, or have aspirations to sleep in a treehouse, there’s something for every outdoor lover to enjoy in the Dundee Hills.

Here are four reasons to add the Dundee Hills to your next vacation itinerary:

  • Views that will enchant you. 2021 has brought more opportunities to step outside of our homes and experience the beauty of our world. Our tasting rooms look out onto scenery that will take your breath away.
  • Unparalleled hospitality. Kindness and warmth fill the Dundee Hills, as seen by the genuine hospitality offered to each and every guest across our hotels, restaurants and wineries. Once you visit, you’ll always have friends here.
  • A commitment to the environment. Cultivation practices in the Dundee Hills focus on sustainable practices, lower yields and respect for Oregon’s bio-diversity. Certified LIVE, organic and biodynamic farming methods are common among our vineyards and wineries.
  • Farm animals that bring you joy! The animals of Dundee Hills vineyards and wineries make important contributions to our AVA. Not only do they add to the health and biodiversity of our land, but they’re sure to brighten your day on your next visit!

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