Welcome to the Dundee Hills, Nicholas Family Vineyards

Blair and L.J. Nicholas were initially attracted to the Dundee Hills by their love for the burgundy style Pinot Noir wines and the emphasis on high quality, small quantity, single family vineyard wines. They were eager to join the Dundee Hills' storied history of producing some of the highest quality Pinot Noirs in the world thanks to its renowned soil composition and topography. Lastly, the vineyard estate they purchased has been farmed consciously and responsibly since the late 90s and has an established history and reputation for producing top level vineyard designate wines for more than two decades.

The Nicholas family purchased the 36-acre acre Bella Vida Vineyards estate in January of 2021 and renamed it Nicholas Family Vineyards, though they will continue to honor Steven Whiteside, who founded Bella Vida Vineyards and planted the amazing vineyard in consultation with Jim Maresh.

The beginning of the Nicholas Family Vineyards marks a new chapter of excitement for their family. They are eager to become an integral part of the Dundee Hills and Willamette Valley communities and continue to enhance the reputation of the Dundee Hills and support its community, schools, children, workers, and charitable organizations. They will continue farming the vineyard in a highly responsible and sustainable way, and will continue to farm grapes for their prominent grape partners who have worked with the vineyard for decades and produce exceptional wines. They also plan to develop their own wine label, Nicholas Family Vineyards, which will focus on producing high quality and small production single vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.

Nicholas Family Vineyards’ DHWA Listing

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