Native Flora

Welcome to the wrong side of the hill!

Native Flora, the Dundee Hills Winery Sanctum, is a small, secluded vineyard and winery hidden high above the Chehalem Valley. With stunning vistas, innovative ideas, and a rebel spirit, we produce premium estate wines in limited quantities for folks who enjoy great wine, a good laugh, natural beauty and a more personal wine experience. Despite the inherent exclusivity of our diminutive size, we remain down to earth, hospitable, and enthusiastic about sharing our chosen path in life.

The earth, the vineyard, the people, the flora and fauna, the buildings, the rain – everything that exists on our 33 acre site – work in harmony to grow great grapes, and produce fine wine. Our entire wine life, from farming to sales is rooted in intelligent integration. When you set foot upon the estate, you have literally walked into that life. Welcome.