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2015 was a warm growing season, beginning with an early bud break and ending with an early harvest. Gorgeous dry yet cool days during harvest set the stage for copious amounts of high quality, impeccable fruit that translates into extraordinary wines of both power and finesse.

The cooler temperatures toward harvest allowed additional maturation of the fruit, which led to greater phenolic maturity and a more elegant structure than some other warm years. The wines have deliciously ripe fruit characters but have more purity and refinement than those from other warm years.”

“Bright, refined, elegant, complex and spice driven.” 

“Gorgeous quality.  More red fruits and softer tannins, good depth of color, retention of natural acid with great natural balance.”   

“Lovely, flavorful, concentrated, complex, and powerful wines. Thicker skins and good phenolic maturity. High yields and high quality.” 

2015 Wines & Tasting Notes (PDF)

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2014 – SOLD OUT

The 2014 Dundee Hills wines show impressive power, intensity and structure. The fruit is not overwhelming and the wines are well integrated. Characteristics of red fruits, dried floral, a touch of spice, minerality and elegant textures.

2014 Wines & Tasting Notes (PDF)

2013 – SOLD OUT

“The Pinots are very clean, with well-integrated tannins and tremendous finesse.”
“Food friendly wines with nice acidity, pleasant roundness and longevity.”
“Wines that show the site, with less opulent fruit giving way to earthy, smoky subtly spicy undercurrents.”    (Dundee Hills Winemakers)

2013 Wines & Tasting Notes (PDF)

2012 – SOLD OUT

“The 2012s combine ripe flavors with Oregon’s natural penchant for transparency and elegance, exactly what happens in a typically cool climate when Mother Nature lavishes sun and warmth on a smaller-than-usual crop. The vintage stands as one of the best the state has ever produced.”  (Harvey Steiman, Wine Spectator)

2012 Wines (PDF)