Oregon’s finest pinot noir.
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2016 Vintage Collection – available for purchase October 2019 through March 2020 – $1495.00

Every year, the Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association offers limited edition sets of Pinot Noir showcasing the distinctive quality of each winery within a single vintage. A master’s class in terroir and winemaking style awaits you in each collection. This is a unique acquisition or gift for any collector, enthusiast, or oenophile.

2016 was a warmer than average spring jumpstarting the growing season, with a few unusually hot days during flowering that led to fewer, more concentrated clusters. An even summer, with fewer temperature fluctuations than the previous two years, led to balanced ripening while cool evenings kept acid levels healthy and vibrant. In the end, yields were lower than usual, but the resulting wines represent every gorgeous trait we’ve come to associate with the region. Consistently well-structured, with great red fruit characteristics backed by the spice and earth that’s synonymous with the Dundee Hills, these wines are vocal, layered and destined for greatness.

The 2016’s offer something for everybody. Purists will appreciate the refined elegance. Fans of fruit forward style will love the deeply radiant makeup of the wines and Old-World enthusiasts will be drawn to the subtle savory qualities and well-integrated tannins. ” 


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2015 – SOLD OUT

2015 was a warm growing season, beginning with an early bud break and ending with an early harvest. Gorgeous dry yet cool days during harvest set the stage for copious amounts of high quality, impeccable fruit that translates into extraordinary wines of both power and finesse.

2015 Wines & Tasting Notes (PDF)

2014 – SOLD OUT

The 2014 Dundee Hills wines show impressive power, intensity and structure. The fruit is not overwhelming and the wines are well integrated. Characteristics of red fruits, dried floral, a touch of spice, minerality and elegant textures.

2014 Wines &Tasting Notes(PDF)

2013 – SOLD OUT

“The Pinots are very clean, with well-integrated tannins and tremendous finesse.”
“Food friendly wines with nice acidity, pleasant roundness and longevity.”
“Wines that show the site, with less opulent fruit giving way to earthy, smoky subtly spicy undercurrents.”    (Dundee Hills Winemakers)

2013 Wines & Tasting Notes (PDF)

2012 – SOLD OUT

“The 2012s combine ripe flavors with Oregon’s natural penchant for transparency and elegance, exactly what happens in a typically cool climate when Mother Nature lavishes sun and warmth on a smaller-than-usual crop. The vintage stands as one of the best the state has ever produced.”  (Harvey Steiman, Wine Spectator)

2012 Wines (PDF)