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The Dundee Hills AVA: Filled with stories you can share.

Welcome to the Dundee Hills AVA, an American Viticulture Area in the heart of Oregon’s internationally-acclaimed wine country. These hills have stories to tell. They hold a rich history of winemaking pioneers and families; stories of wineries experimenting with alternative viticulture practices; and hands-on winemakers both exploring new methods of crafting their wines and following time-tested winemaking practices.

Known in wine circles and by connoisseurs as the epicenter of Oregon Pinot Noir, the first vines were planted here more than half a century ago. Today more than 50 vineyards and wineries in the Dundee Hills AVA offer globally-recognized Pinot Noir, sparkling wine, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and other varietals.

Upon request, we will provide more details to expand on these ideas, as well as photos and contact information so you may interview those involved in each snapshot of our wine and business community. We also provide wine samples upon request.

Dundee Hills Press Kit

DHWA Press Kit (PDF)

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You’re invited to visit our area in person, stop into our tasting rooms or talk with any of the wineries you want to feature. We can assist by setting up tastings and providing those face-to-face, on-site conversations.

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Story Topics

The brief story ideas which follow are examples of the many unique approaches you’ll find with the dozens of wineries, wine families, winemakers and unique businesses working in the Dundee Hills AVA. They’re yours to use as they are, or to build out further into a story you’re working on.

1. Dundee Hills wineries are innovators

From early pioneers in Oregon’s wine industry to today’s large and small producers, the “let’s try it!” approach to new ideas in vine care and wine crafting is the legacy and practice of Dundee Hills wineries and winemakers. From vine to barrel to bottle to consumer, every step of the way is meticulously managed, and we are continuously looking for innovations that make our products even better.

Dundee Hills wineries are innovators (PDF)

2. Unique guest experiences in the Dundee Hills

Exceptional and unique guest experiences are part of what make visiting us so worthwhile. Barrel tastings, blending seminars, customized vineyard tours and unique cheese tastings just scratch the surface of the many experiences available to those visiting our member wineries and businesses.

Unique Guest Experiences (PDF)

3. The Dundee Hills Vintage Collection

Each year, the Dundee Hills Winegrowers’ Association offers a limited edition collection of 24 bottles of Pinot Noir, hand-selected by 24 acclaimed Dundee Hills wineries, each showcasing the distinctive quality of each winery within a single vintage. For the true collector and enthusiast, this collection speaks to the heart of each vintage and showcases each unique facet of this historic AVA.

Dundee Hills Vintage Collection (PDF)

4. We sparkle in many ways

Argyle Winery was one of the first to produce Oregon sparkling wine in 1987. Now a number of the Dundee Hills winemakers have turned their hand to producing distinctive, nose-tickling sparkling wines, and are receiving both national and global recognition and awards for their efforts.

Dundee_Hills_Sparkling (PDF)

5. A legacy passed down to the next generations

Oregon’s earliest wine pioneers planted some of the first vineyards in the Dundee Hills. In the vineyard, winery and throughout our businesses, we have been fortunate to work with and learn from the founders of the industry. Now, they’re passing their “yes we can!” spirit and passion for winemaking to the next generation.

Dundee Hills generations (PDF)

6. Chardonnay takes the stage

You know us for our Pinots, but have you met our award-winning Chardonnays? While you may be familiar with the most-planted grape in the U.S., the way we approach Chardonnay in the Dundee Hills yields wine unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Dundee Hills Chardonnay (PDF)