Welcome back to the Dundee Hills!

As the Dundee Hills reopens to our friends near and far, our families are eager to welcome yours! These past months, it’s become clear connection matters more than ever before. The opportunity to hear someone’s story, to enjoy experiences crafted with intention, to step outside of your own reality for a moment… we’ve missed it.

At the very heart of the Dundee Hills you’ll find our people– farmers, winemakers, chefs, bed and breakfast hosts. They’re pouring wine, they’re creating beautiful meals, and they’re tending the vines. And while experiences will look a little different now than they did before the pandemic, we hope they will feel just the same.

Click through these photos and you’ll surely see some familiar faces. We hope to see your familiar face in the Dundee Hills soon!

Photography by Janine Soltman Photography.

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