Cheers to Spring: Meet the Lambs of the Dundee Hills

Spring is an exciting time in the Dundee Hills, Oregon’s premier wine region. As the temperatures warm up and the days get longer, the vineyards begin bursting with new growth. The vines start to bud and unfurl their leaves as the promise of a bountiful harvest sets in motion.

But it’s not just the grapevines that are thriving in the springtime. On farms and vineyards throughout the area, baby animals are being born. Adorable lambs are the most common sight, frolicking in the fields and bringing joy to everyone who sees them. They’ve already begun their important work of natural fertilization, weed control, and keeping the grass mowed. 

As the season progresses, visitors to the Dundee Hills can enjoy the stunning beauty of the vineyards and the playful energy of the baby animals. It’s a magical time of year that truly captures the spirit of spring. And we have photos of our furry friends to share – they’re sure to bring a smile to your face!

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