Eight Questions To Ask At Your Next Wine Tasting

If you've ever felt a little intimidated at a wine tasting, you aren't alone. The conversation can suddenly turn to tannins and mouthfeel and aging… and if you haven't spent much time in a wine-centric environment, those terms may be completely new. In the Dundee Hills, wine is approachable and is something that brings us together. When we gather, we open a bottle of wine to enjoy each others' company as we savor the vintage in our glass.

Here are a few questions you can ask at your next wine tasting to help you understand the story of the winery you're visiting. Good wine always tastes better when you know the people and the place it came from. Plus, you'll enjoy it so much more when you can confidently pair it with your meal, and know a few fun facts to share with your guests.

  • What's the history of this winery and what is it known for?
  • What's something you wish everyone knew about your winery?
  • Which wine on your list is your favorite to pour right now?
  • How many cases or barrels of this wine was produced?
  • What temperature would you serve this wine and what are a couple of food
    pairing ideas?
  • How long should this wine age and how should it be stored?
  • How did the weather and climate impact this vintage?
  • What's one place in the Dundee Hills I can't miss before I leave?

The next time you visit the Dundee Hills, make sure to bring a few of these questions with
you. We absolutely love talking about our wines and our vineyards, and will gladly tell you
everything you want to know.
Cheers, friends!

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