Picture Perfect: How to Photograph Your Wine Tasting Adventure

Aspiring photographers and wine enthusiasts, join us as Airen Vandevoort, the Creative Content Producer at Durant Oregon, uncovers the secrets to capturing the perfect photo that pays homage to the craftsmanship behind each sip of our award-winning wines. It’s time to raise your glass (and your photography game) for an Insta-worthy experience in the Dundee Hills!

Step 1: Decide what you hope to photograph. Airen recommends the list below: 

  • View of winery 
  • Table setting including food 
  • Capture the view with friends and family!
  • Get artsy with your wine. Check the photos below to see how being artsy can hurt (first photo) or help (second photo), depending on your approach.

Step 2: Once you have your photo list, it’s time to put your camera to work! Here are three tips and tricks for you to try:

  1. Hit “Edit” at the top right corner of your phone to get the buttons at the bottom center. 
  • This is the editing menu you’re probably most familiar with and have used before: 
    • The left button is an editing program to change the exposure, brightness, color saturation or so much more. When in doubt use the “auto” option.
    • The center button gives you options for filters you can apply to your image. 
    • The right button (a square with arrows) takes you to the cropping screen. At the top of the screen, select the button of inset squares to select  a size or custom crop your photo however you prefer.

  1. The vignette editing option is your friend! A vignette makes the outer corners of a photograph darker or brighter to bring your eye to the center of your subject. To find this option, hit “Edit” and then at the bottom the left button and swipe all the way to the right to find the button to adjust the vignette.

  1. Portrait mode on your camera takes stunning photos of more than just people. Have you tried it on a photo featuring food or wine? Create interest by cropping half of the subject out of the frame.

Step 3: Run through Airen’s photo checklist before you reach for your camera:

  • Less is more in a photo. Is anything around or behind your subject? 
  • Zoom in, especially on your wine and food offerings.
  • Check the details: Is the winery logo facing forward? Is there lipstick on glass?
  • Take food and wine photos early, but take friends and family photos after your tasting. Everyone relaxes after a little wine and it shows in the smiles!
  • To hold your wine glass like a pro, grab the stem just above the base.

Raise your glass to upcoming wine tastings filled with Insta-worthy moments. Cheers!


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