Meet Potcake Cellars

Potcake Cellars recently opened a new tasting room in downtown Dundee where they offer classic and library flights daily, as well as sparkling wines on limited days. You can also enjoy live music from Thursdays through Saturdays, and dogs are always welcome.

Potcake Cellars was established by Roy and Sondra Armstrong in 2013 when they acquired a 20-acre estate that included 7 acres of Pinot Noir vines that were planted in 1998. This vineyard is now called The Armstrong Vineyard. In 2017, they further expanded their passions for the Dundee Hills with The Royal Potcake Vineyard, which totals 17 acres of planted vines.

The name, Potcake, is inspired by their love for the indigenous dogs of the Bahamas Islands. This mixed breed of dog was given this name as a term of endearment from the long-standing tradition of leaving the daily cooking pot outside for the stray dogs. When locals would prepare their staple dish of rice and peas, a “cake” would develop on the bottom of the cooking pots from cooking all day long, and the remains were left for the hungry Potcakes to eat! Roy and Sondra have rescued hundreds of potcake dogs and are eager to continue helping this population by generating awareness through their wines.

Potcake Cellars wines are crafted by Isabelle Dutartre, a highly respected French winemaker, who brings forty years of experience, passion and dedication to her winemaking. They proudly offer Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sparkling (Méthode Champenoise), and Rosé wines.

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