Uncorked: 3 Tips for Introducing the Next Generation to the World of Wine

In the Dundee Hills, wine isn’t merely a beverage; it’s a tradition passed down through generations. These rolling vineyard hills were planted decades ago by families who instilled in their children and grandchildren a love for tending the vines and crafting exceptional wines from the fruit. Today, many of our winemakers are individuals who learned the tricks of the trade at the side of their parents and grandparents.

For those who savor their favorite varietals and collect prized vintages, the world of wine is a place of joy and immense satisfaction. However, many who are not familiar with wine find the industry a bit daunting. With its unique vocabulary and acquired tastes, beginners can quickly feel out of place. Instead of leaving these budding wine enthusiasts to forge their own path, why not introduce those of-age family members, neighbors, or friends in your circle to your love of wine with these tips?

  1. Plan Their Winery Adventure: There’s no better way to demystify wine than by taking a trip to one of Dundee Hills’ renowned wineries. Arrange a tasting at one of your favorite spots, tell them in advance what to expect, and talk them through their first tasting. They’ll be grateful for an example to follow as they try something new!
  2. Games & Wine Night: Turn wine appreciation into a laid-back event by hosting a casual wine night alongside their favorite board games. Open a bottle or two of your favorite Dundee Hills wines, and share the reasons you love the wine while playing games. This informal setting removes the intimidation factor, allowing beginners the opportunity to explore wine in a comfortable and social environment.
  3. Host a Dinner Party: Showcase the versatility of Dundee Hills wines by introducing the concept of food and wine pairing via a dinner party. Ask your guests to bring specific dishes that will pair with the wines you cshoose to pour. Because they’ve contributed to the meal, they’ll already feel more ownership and ease participating in the rest of the evening.

The connoisseurs among us know wine is more than a drink; it’s a journey into elegance and tradition. Don’t miss a chance to share your love for wine with someone who’s on the cusp of becoming a lifelong enthusiast.

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