5 Tips to Create the Perfect Wine Tasting Itinerary

In the Dundee Hills, there are so many options to explore – dozens of award-winning tasting rooms, restaurants, inns – and it’s probably more than you can fit into one visit. This is the region where Oregon Pinot Noir was first planted and it’s the heart of wine country in the Willamette Valley. 

The five tips below can guide you as you craft an itinerary that perfectly captures the experience you want to have. 

1.) Decide how long to stay. If it involves an overnight, make sure to check out our inns, hotels and bed & breakfasts. Many of our hosts can help you craft a perfect wine tasting itinerary based on your interests, so don’t hesitate to ask their opinion when you make a reservation.

2.) Decide what to prioritize. With so many options in front of you, decide in advance what sounds most appealing, whether that’s a tour of wineries where the tastings are poured by the owners, an itinerary featuring tasting rooms in close proximity to each other to ensure more time tasting and less time in a vehicle, or a list of wineries that feature a particular varietal you’re especially interested in. We also recommend making reservations at your must-visit venues while still leaving a bit of free time to explore spots you discover while you’re here. You never know what will capture your interest along the way!

3.) Schedule time for meals! All of our restaurants offer incredible meals made with local ingredients that feature the bounty of our area and pair perfectly with Dundee Hills wines. 

4.) Decide if you want to explore beyond the wineries. Perhaps a visit to the nationally-recognized Briar Rose Creamery, a walk through Durant’s gardens, nursery and olive mill or bravely challenging yourself to the Fueled by Fine Wine races? There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

5.) Utilize the Dundee Hills itinerary planner. It’s never too soon to start planning your visit. Create an account on our website, start exploring profiles of each of our members, and save your favorites into an itinerary you can customize as your trip gets closer. Once you’ve finalized your plans, make sure to secure a reservation where those are required!

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