The Dundee Hills Welcomes Harvest Interns From Across the Globe

Produced in partnership by Travel Dundee and the Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association.

In the heart of Oregon’s renowned wine country, the Dundee Hills welcomes harvest interns from across the globe each year. Many of these individuals are in America for the first time, traveling great distances to learn from experienced Oregon winemakers – a testament to the prestige of Dundee Hills wine. 

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the stories of a few of these aspiring winemakers and enthusiasts from Domaine Drouhin Oregon, all of whom are adding their own international flair to our winemaking community.

Kemal Karagozoglu joins Domaine Drouhin Oregon for his first harvest from Connecticut. Though the wine industry is a new exploration for Kemal, it’s part of his family legacy. His dad has worked in the industry for many years. “I love being at Domaine Drouhin and working with the team here,” he says. “Going to work is like going to school and seeing your friends. And, the nature is amazing too; I love to see the mountains.”

Louise Serra-Fietier is participating in her second harvest, but her first in the United States. Hailing from France, she spent last year’s harvest in Burgundy learning from winemakers. There were a number of people who spoke to her about the Dundee Hills, and her desire to create beautiful Pinot Noir and Chardonnays in another part of the world led her to Domaine Drouhin Oregon. It was a natural landing place for her, given its ties to France. “The people here are so nice,” she remarks with a grin. “The French are not quite so nice.”

Geraud Andries is from Belgium, and is participating in his first harvest. He’s here thanks to his father, who did a harvest with Veronique, the winemaker at Domaine Drouhin Oregon, 30 years ago. His father will come to visit later this harvest season, and they’re looking forward to recreating decades-old photos together. ““This is a whole new experience for me,” says Geraud. “I’ve enjoyed being in Dundee and Portland, and I can’t wait to explore more.”

We’re grateful to the interns across our AVA whose contributions add a touch of global diversity to our winemaking community, reminding us that wine transcends borders, bringing people together from all corners of the world. Cheers to a bountiful harvest season and a beautiful 2023 vintage!


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