Dundee Hills Pinot Noir Vertical Itineraries

The Dundee Hills have a long history with Pinot Noir. In some ways, they’re two sides of the same coin. It was Pinot Noir that first brought fame to the region in the ‘70s, and it’s been Pinot Noir that has drawn winemakers, collectors and enthusiasts from around the world to the Willamette Valley where they can see the Jory soil, taste the terroir, and experience the exceptional vintages from the Dundee Hills.

Explore these three itineraries, each featuring Pinot Noir vertical tastings, which offer the same varietal of wine, produced from the same winery across several vintages (years). There’s no better way to experience the influence of soil, climate and winemaking style. 

24-Hour Itinerary: Verticals Everyday

No matter when you visit, these Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association members will have a vertical tasting of Pinot Noir to offer. Make sure to reserve your tasting ahead of time so you can specify your tasting preference.

24-Hour Itinerary: Verticals Somedays

On special occasions, you can experience a vertical tasting of Pinot Noir from these Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association members. We recommend inquiring ahead of time for more details. If a vertical tasting isn’t offered during your visit, take advantage of the opportunity for a traditional tasting and maybe you’ll find a new favorite varietal!

Anytime Itinerary: Verticals By Mail

A trip to the Dundee Hills isn’t the only way to experience a Pinot Noir vertical tasting. These members offer sets of Pinot Noir that allow you to do your own vertical tasting with friends and family from home. Check their websites for more details.

Interested in crafting your own itinerary? Create an account on our website, start exploring profiles of each of our members, including our restaurants and accommodations members, and save your favorites into an itinerary you can customize as your trip gets closer.

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