3 Wine Tasting Itineraries Perfect for Celebrating Earth Day

It’s hard to find a place as beautiful as the Dundee Hills with its rolling hills of vineyards, red Jory soil, and towering evergreen trees all under the shadow of pristine Mount Hood. 

Our members take their responsibility to protect the environment seriously, ensuring its beauty and bounty remain strong for generations to come. Whether it’s the cultivation of cover crops that enhance the soil’s biodiversity and aid in water retention or through mulching brush from the vines, adding more nutrients to the soils. There are numerous practices our members engage in to support and care for the ecosystem in which they belong. And because vineyard care directly impacts the quality of the grapes for each vintage, you’ll enjoy exceptional wine throughout the Dundee Hills.

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re highlighting three sample wine tasting itineraries that feature Dundee Hills members who are committed to sustainable practices.


24 Hours in the Dundee Hills: An Organic Approach
Pesticide and chemical-free, the organic wineries and vineyards in the Dundee Hills are committed to sustainable practices that care for the earth while cultivating high quality fruit for exceptional wines.

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24 Hours in the Dundee Hills: B-Corp and Biodynamic Wineries
Biodynamic farming treats all parts of the vineyard as one ecosystem and relies on natural practices for weed control, fertilization, and long term sustainable soil. A Certified B-Corp meets the highest standard of criteria to balance profit with purpose; these wineries are part of an elite classification of businesses partnering toward a healthy environment, strong communities and much more.

View Certified B-Corp members in the Dundee Hills.

View biodynamic wineries and vineyards in the Dundee Hills.


48 Hours in the Dundee Hills: For Friends of the Fish
Oregon is home to extensive wildlife, including multiple species of salmon. The Salmon-Safe certification ensures wineries and vineyards are protecting water quality, maintaining watershed health and restoring habitat so salmon can continue thriving in our rivers and streams for years to come.

Day 1: 

Day 2: 

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Looking for great places to stay and eat? Don’t forget to make reservations at one of our boutique inns and at a few of our restaurants, many of which feature local and sustainable ingredients! Interested in crafting your own itinerary? Create an account on our website, start exploring profiles of each of our members, and save your favorites into an itinerary you can customize as your trip gets closer.

Photo by Domaine Roy et fils

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