Forbes | Why Oregon Wine Producers Are Seeing Pink

Lana Bortolot highlights several Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association members in her article, Why Oregon Wine Producers Are Seeing Pink. She notes that while the region is known around the world for its Pinot Noir, the same grape can be used to craft “multidimensional rosés that deliver both freshness and complexity.”

Bortolot notes that rosés pair well with a wide spectrum of dishes, which make them a perfect companion all summer and fall (and beyond!). Her article features quotes from Melissa Burr, vice president of winemaking at Stoller Family Estate as well as Nate Klostermann, winemaker at Argyle, and highlights the following vintages from Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association members:

Domaine Serene, Multivintage ‘r’ rosé v. XIII, Oregon
Domaine de Broglie Pinot Noir rosé 2020, Dundee Hills
Dobbes Family Estate rosé 2020, Willamette Valley
Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir rosé 2020, Dundee Hills
Stoller Family Estate Pinot Noir rosé 2020, Willamette Valley

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