4 Sparkling Wine Itineraries for the Dundee Hills

Oregon’s Dundee Hills is a known and loved destination for wine enthusiasts. Though it was our Pinot Noir that first took the global stage, other wines including Chardonnay and, more recently, Sparkling Wine have stepped into the spotlight

With the highest density of vineyards and wineries of any sub-AVA in the Willamette Valley, there are a plethora of opportunities to try award-winning sparkling wines. To help you in your planning process, we’ve crafted a few different itineraries (including stops for meals) depending on your length of stay in the Dundee Hills. All you need to do is decide which looks most enjoyable and call to check availability and make your reservations!

Eager to learn more about the origins of sparkling wine (hint… it begins with the monks) or the various processes we use to make it in the Dundee Hills? Learn more here!

24-Hours in the Dundee Hills: The Sparkling South
Drive through downtown and into the rolling countryside until you reach the southern Dundee Hills and four renowned wineries, all of which offer spectacular sparkling wines.


24-Hours in the Dundee Hills: The Founders of Sparkling
The founders and winemakers of these wineries quite literally put Dundee Hills sparkling wine on the map. They were the first to bottle it and their influence in the region remains strong. 


24-Hours in the Dundee Hills: Sparkling in the Hills
Elevate your sparkling adventure with tastings at these five wineries, all located within a short drive from each other – allowing you to maximize your time tasting and lessen your time driving between destinations!


48-Hours in the Dundee Hills: Sparkling Wine Tour

Don’t forget to make reservations at one of our luxurious inns and at a few of our celebrated restaurants!

Day 1: Legends of the Dundee Hills
Taste wine from the originators of sparkling wine in the region.


Day 2: Sparkling with a View
Follow the bubbles in your glass and go up, up, up into the hills!

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